Don't Take Credit

Nothing limits your ability to achieve great things more than your desire to take credit for what you have achieved.

It boggles my mind when some leaders take credit for the success of their organization. I think: you are already CEO, you already make $20 million, so why can't you empower the people who work for you instead of further inflating your own ego?

You can accomplish much more if you don't worry about taking the credit. Here are a few places to start:

Set fires within people. Get them excited about their job, a new project, or simply a plan for the future.

Demonstrate by doing. Don't be a do-nothing leader; be a colleague who acts instead of just talks.

Take joy in the success of others. Redefine success to include celebrating what those around you accomplish.

Allow things time to happen. Just because an idea enters your head does not mean that others will react immediately, especially if you are trying to effect change without taking credit. Be persistent but patient.