Want People to Like You?

Want people to like you? Be 100% comfortable in your own skin. There's no more attractive quality than a person who is utterly comfortable with who they are.

This quality transcends physical appearance, intelligence, education, income, or personality. It is the cornerstone of success in business and in life.

Here's the best news of all: your internal "comfort level" is not fixed; you can change it.

To make progress, do three things:

1.) Accept your qualities you cannot change. Don't waste energy on things such as how your parents raised you or whether your feet are too large. (If this is a sensitive point for you, I apologize and mean no offense.)

2.) Recognize your ability to change is FAR greater than you once thought. You can't change your height, but you can change how hard you work, how grateful you are for your blessings, how open you are to new ideas, how you approach difficult challenges, and how willing you are to pay the price for what you most want in life.

3.) Be persistent. It takes time to build confidence and competence. Invest the time, even on days when it's hard.