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Fantasy Vase

It holds your dreams, pure and simple. Not the ones you tell others. Your real dreams, the ones you don't even dare to utter. The ones you would deny if revealed. The dreams so bold, original, and audacious that you fear admitting their existence would cause you to be laughed out of the room. Or office.

You need a place to nurture these dreams, even if they are secret... for now. This is the place. 

Photograph printed in (not on) high gloss metal. To inquire, please contact me.



About my images...

My photographs capture very simple materials interacting with equally simple light sources (think: a $4 flashlight) to produce what I hope you agree is startling beauty and complexity. My goal is to remind us both that beauty and complexity is all around us; we will realize this if we only slow down and pay attention.

I use a process called dye sublimation to infuse these images into a sheet of aluminum; the image actually becomes one with the metal. The result is striking. The colors pop in an extraordinary manner on the high gloss surface. None of these photographs require additional framing. The metal sheets float slightly away from the wall, thanks to a metal frame behind the actual image.

Every one of my prints is created to order, and I can produce many different sizes according to your preferences. Please contact me for pricing inquiries and other questions.