Since 2006, I've been taking photographs like these, but have only recently started making them available for sale. That said, my intention is less about selling them and much more about helping both you and I slow down and pay attention.

My images capture very simple materials interacting with equally simple light sources (think: a $4 flashlight) to produce what I hope you agree is startling beauty and complexity. My goal is to remind us both that beauty and complexity is all around us; we will realize this if we only slow down and pay attention.

Every one of my prints is created to order, and I can produce many different sizes according to your preferences. Please contact me for pricing inquiries and other questions.

Each image is printed on high gloss metal, and they are bold and dynamic in person. The colors pop in an extraordinary manner. None of these photographs require framing. They are made to float slightly away from the wall, thanks to a metal frame behind the actual image.

At the left is my artist's proof (30" x 40") metal print of Burning Purpose. You can see how the print appears to float about one inch off the surface of the wall. Through the dye sublimation process, the image actually become part of the aluminum. The surface is extremely glossy and the colors pop, as though backlit. The blacks are deep and pure.

I unconditionally guarantee your delight. You are dealing with me—Bruce Kasanoff—not a company.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions.

All the best,