The Concept

Over ten years ago, I set out to explore the complexity all around us. While most photographers venture out into the world, I locked myself in the garage and started experimenting with light, motion, and simple materials. What could I produce, simply by focusing my attention and imagination?

These images are the result. To me, they signify that imagination—and its byproducts—are truly unlimited.

The Images

Using a process called dye sublimation, we reproduce my photographs into—not onto—aluminum; the image actually becomes part of the metal. Each picture is backed by a self-leveling metal frame (see above).

The result are large archival images that will last over 50 years without fading. Each is glossy and bold, with vibrant colors and rich, deep blacks.

Many Possibilities...

Fill a conference room or an entire floor with these images. Use completely different ones or stick with subtle variations on the same theme.

I will work with you to select the ideal image for your needs, and to produce it in precisely the size that works best for your needs. It will be the only physical copy ever created of that image. Yes, ever.

Artist's Statement

Intuitive leaps are the result, first and foremost, of being open to such a leap.

This requires opening yourself to new possibilities. It means moving past logic and making room for an utterly new thought.

For me, the first step in this process is to start paying attention to details that I normally miss. Over a decade ago, I started taking photographs as a means of distracting my conscious brain and slowing down enough to notice what happened when light and movement intersected.

I discovered a world of infinite possibilities, one in which the phrase "anything is possible" becomes true. 

Innovation and creativity do not require someone else's permission. They do not require that you have a certain level of education or a title above a certain level. You don't have to raise millions in venture capital (although you might). They simply require that you exercise your curiosity and remain determined to follow wherever it leads you.

The more I open myself to new possibilities, the more energy and delight comes my way. I hope the same is true for you.

Bruce Kasanoff

My day job is working with thought leaders as their social media ghostwriter. I'm also a prolific writer under my own name, and am a LinkedIn Influencer with over 600,000 followers... as well as a Forbes contributor.