Park City: Land of Intuitive Leaps

Travel & Leisure readers voted Park City America's Favorite Town, and the magazine proclaimed "outdoor bliss meets artistic street cred". This is a place where 10,000' mountain peaks surround art galleries, eclectic restaurants, and over 400 miles of hiking and biking trails. 

Intuitive leaps happen best when you open yourself to new possibilities and step away from your routines. There's no place in America that is easier or faster to cultivate this spirit than in Park City... you can stimulate your mind, exercise your body, free your spirit, and indulge your senses... and still have time for a spectacular dinner.

Plus, you're just 40 minutes from an international airport.

This is why we base our projects (and soon our events) in Park City.

 Image: Bruce Kasanoff

Image: Bruce Kasanoff