The Book

Here’s a paradox for you... some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and innovators cite intuitive leaps as essential to their success… and yet most of the world’s largest organizations have created environments that seem custom-designed to kill any intuitive leaps.

We are writing a book designed to help reverse this trend, by shining a light on the value of intuitive leaps and making it clear how to cultivate and nurture them. 

In this book, we will explore the creative side of intuition.

We will help you understand - and leverage - the seemingly mysterious and often-confounding insights that occur without explanation.

Intuition is a tough thing to pin down. The word has many different meanings, depending on who is using it. Most of them fall into one of two categories: how to make a decision versus how to create an original solution.

This book largely steers clear of decision-making and focuses on the act of creation.

Our goal is to unlock your abilities to leapfrog the status quo, whether “you” means an individual, community, or organization.

We’re going to stretch the boundaries of business and career guides, and present some possibilities that you may find hard to believe. But each one is grounded in reality.

Our goal is pretty simple. In the years to come, we want you and others to admit that your astonishing success was in some small way inspired by this offering on our part. We want to bring out the talent that lies inside of you.

All the best,

Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka

P.S. Yes, the photographs will be in the book.